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Story telling pre-dates the written word by thousands of years. There is nothing better than to sit around a bonfire and swap stories.  My stories and poems are a combination of autobiography and history. When I was a third-year university student, my English professor wanted to have some of my writing published, but I wouldn’t allow it. I told him if I stopped and started writing at that time, I wouldn’t get around to doing the other things I was supposed to do.
According to my Great Granny Mahtah, I was touched by the Creator before I was born.  She once told me that the People had been waiting for me to be born so I may take up the mantle of Rememberer to serve our People in the times ahead.
With this company and my new book, I hope to fulfill the role bestowed upon me by my Ancestors and the Creator Himself.  The Legacy of my people is at stake.
CEO and founder, xwu’p’a’lich, Barbara Higgins