Coquitlam College welcomes us with open arms!

On April 4, 2018, Justin and I caught the first ferry from Langdale to Horseshoe Bay to attend a meeting with the pupils and staff of Coquitlam College. WHAT A TOTAL BLAST THAT WAS!!!  They filled a room with people of all ages and sizes. As usual, I was the eldest, but I never mind that, because to me, age is just a number.

We started off the program with a prayer I wrote in 1996, I think it was. I call it A Prayer from Your People.  It’s actually a prayer of thanksgiving and gratitude for all the things the Creator bestows on us, and there are many.

I recited a poem I wrote in 2013 when the SSCF was clearcutting EW002.  I was arrested for protecting our homeland. So, when I was released from jail, I wrote a poem called Walking On The Mountain, and it explains my deep love for the forests of Standing People(trees) and all the other eco-systems that stem from them.

I then related how I happened to travel to the NWT to teach school up there. Of course, there is just too much to tell in one sitting.

It was such a wonderful experience today, I could literally feel the love emanating from all those present. It was a humbling experience.

Two teachers have used my book Etched in MY Memory as classroom textbooks, and I was pleased to hear them raving about it. They have already asked when my next book will be published – as they want to use it as well.

I felt so honored when the students, principal, and instructors wanted to have their pictures taken with me.  Thank you for the gifts.  Like I said, today was a total blast.

I think we have now sold, around 800 books. Isn’t that great?

I look forward to our next meeting at Coquitlam College.

In Sisterhood, 

Xwu’p’a’lich Barb Higgins

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