Many Hands pulling together

MANY HANDS one of Canada’s 150+ celebrations. Of course, Canada wasn’t even a gleam in the Creator’s eye, when the term MANY HANDS was coined.

Lo-o-o-n-ng ago, at least from our point of view, ( I’m speaking of the Sechelt People) the term came about when a group needed some physical, spiritual or mental help. They put out the word, sending it on the silent wings of the Wind, and everyone hearing of the need came to help with the task at hand. There was no payment passing from one to another – because sometime in the future my people or your people would find themselves in need of Many Hands, and everyone who was able would flock to your location to lend a hand.

                This way of being has been around for many years, as it was recently proven that the Sechelt People have been here long before the pyramids appeared in Egypt; in fact, long before Jesus Christ was born. So, when we add the + sign to the group of Many Hands, we are being benevolent, because we know that a stable Canada can only exist if people of all races, creeds, and color pull together to make it happen.

                The film was good, it showed both sides of my heritage. I am definitely Sechelt, but my ancestor Kwatleemaht married Portuguese Joe Silvey in 1872. So, I have Portuguese blood running through my veins, as well. If you really want to see a great tribute to that side of my family, then to Totem Park in STANLEY PARK and look at the wonderful tribute we erected about two years ago.

Click this link to check out the whole story with a beautiful photo of the statue erected that day.


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