My Book Launch

On Saturday, August 12th I launched my book at Roberts Creek Daze: It was nothing short of spectacular, even though attendance was down this year. Our Coast is becoming so popular that every weekend seems to have a wide variety of choices for us to make. Well, I’m glad I attended Creek Daze. I met my tent sharer (think that’s a legitimate word?) Krystin Clark; she was a lot of fun. All day, folks dropped by, at times I nearly forgot I was supposed to be there selling my books. I was having too much fun interacting with all the old and new friends. In case you are wondering, I think we sold 37 books. Not too shabby for this novice. I want to thank my Helpers: Not necessarily in the most important order, as I strongly feel you all helped loads.

I wonder what Justin French’s title should be? Is he an “agent” or just an “instigator?” He is the one who has researched tirelessly to make my book look as good or even better than some best sellers on the market. If you think he did a great job, don’t forget to tell him. We have put in numerous hours to make this book a reality.

Holly Ann Higgins, who has followed my Poopsie and me to many places. She is always a step behind me; not sure if it’s to catch me if I should fail, or to learn first hand from her mother. She is a drummer, she has an ear that hears many tales from friends and strangers who need to “talk to someone.” She writes some pretty great songs. I think she should get some of you Creek guys or gals to help her put them to music. what do you think?

Marlene Stephens from the Red Cedar Drum Circle, is a staunch friend, drummer, singer and helper.  Her tea hit the spot and her friendship takes the cake.

Roger Lagasse’ he, since I first met him, has been a true supporter, even tho’ I have leaned on him very hard when I thought I was supposed to. Roger has everything to do with the French Indigenous education in this province. He is probably going to translate my stories so they can be used by their schools, which are many. He does thorough work.

Denise Lagasse’ wears many hats. She is totally devoted to the saving of seeds of all types, and she is good at it. She is a singer and drummer, and if she were an Indian, I believe her totem would have been a hummingbird with a surgical steel beak. No word of a lie. She helps whenever and wherever she can.

Manon Ruel is one of Mother Earth’s Warrior of the Heart. She is no slouch when it comes to computer programing, either. When the Bad Guys (SSCF) so ruthlessly destroy EW002, I was up on the mountain trying to talk sense into the RCMP Sgt. and the weasel (I apologize to the Weasel People for liking the road boss to your species, but it fits), even though we gave them documented truth, they refused to listen and they arrested about fifteen of us. Manon, Holly Ann and Talbot would not leave me when I told them to leave before the RCMP arrested them. When they came for us, we were sitting around a sacred fire, lit to honor the Creator and to give us some protection. We were sitting under a canopy of branches, which the Wind came and turned into a domed, green Cathedral.  But those in authority did not see our Cathedral, so they helped to rip it down so they could build churches where your prayers struggled to get past the roof.

I don’t have the names of all who were arrested for standing up for our forests, but here are the ones I know: Popois David Jeffries, and Starwalker. There were others, but their names elude me just now.  I knew I couldn’t leave, because Mahtah told me to “Stand and hold Shishalh territory.”  If I have forgotten someone, please forgive this old woman for her short memory span on this subject.  

The day was so good that the bird that lives in my chest was singing like you wouldn’t believe.  Thank the Creator for such wonderful friends and a truly perfect day.

  • Kenn Quayle
    Posted at 19:57h, 15 August Reply

    Love that bird

  • Dhyana
    Posted at 17:46h, 16 August Reply

    Your writing is a balm for the parched soul. Thank you.

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