The Creator’s Man

I had my right hip replaced in April of 2005 even though the docs thought my heart was too weak that time to do it.  They kept telling me that there were no guarantees that I would wake up after being put under.  I didn’t feel that there would be any problem

They warned me again as they were administering a sedative before going into surgery.

I was on a stretcher outside of the operating room waiting.  I thought about what they had said.  I talked to the Creator.  “Creator, I don’t think they expect me to live through this operation.  I feel that all will be okay, but just in case they are right and I am wrong, I think you should let me die while I’m out here, then no one would have a guilty conscience about allowing me to die on their shift.  I’m ready to die now Creator.”

But the Creator refused me entrance into the next stage of existence.

All those associated with the surgery were in the operating room discussing my best options.  The head nurse was sitting beside me.  She asked if I had any concerns.  I thought about it.  Then I related the tales I’d heard about patients coming through their operations with flying colors only to be struck down a week or two later with major infections, or something similar.  In all cases it was discovered that those who had carried out the operation had left something foreign inside the patient, causing the infection.  I said I wanted everything to be used in the operation counted beforehand and counted again at the completion of the surgery.  She pointed at a couple of nurses off to the side and said, “Listen.”  The nurses were dutifully counting all implements to be used.  I felt much better.

The Doctor and the guy administering the anesthesia came over and told me that because of the condition of my heart they thought they should use a spinal tap.  They asked my opinion.  I told them that I’d never heard anything good about spinal taps, but we decided on a spinal tap after much discussion.

I was still sitting on the stretcher-like bench when it was administered.  My right hip had caused me to drag it around for a while now, but it was nearly pain-free.

That first needle nearly floored me, it hurt so badly, and I can handle a lot of pain.

I nearly passed out.  I’d closed my eyes trying to gain control over myself.

When I opened my eyes again, I saw, standing about four feet in front of me, a short man.  He was dressed in a tan poncho with a hood.  He glided right up in front of me and the pain left.

I remember the nurses saying B.C. Medical was having serious financial problems and here, before me, they have a Sensitive helping in the operating room.   I recall feeling very well looked after.  I leaned my head towards him and the pain left.  I thought I was being weak to use the services the little man was offering.  I pulled my head back and sat up straight again.  He glided backwards to his original position.

The doctor gave me another prick with a needle and the pain was tremendous.  I recall letting my breath out very loudly.  The man in the poncho glided forward again, and as I leaned towards him the pain diminished.  Again, I withdrew, thinking that I was being such a cry baby.  I was ashamed of myself.  I sat up right again, and he withdrew.

The doctor gave me another poke and it hurt so much I leaned towards the hooded form.  He came forward and I leaned my head right into his chest.  It seemed like my head just kept going forward until I knew no pain.  Each time he came close he said without speaking that it was alright to release my pain to him.  He would look after me.  After that I have no knowledge of what transpired.

The second day of recovery one of the nurses came and asked me who I was talking to in the operating room.  I told her that I was talking to the Sensitive.

She asked, “What’s a Sensitive?”  To which I answered, “Why, the person B.C. Med sent in to absorb pain.”  She said there was no such person.  So I told her the same thing I have just written above and she said that it had sounded like I was having a conversation with someone.  She said that after I spoke, I stopped to listen to someone answering.

I still thought it was a Sensitive on the B.C. Med’s payroll until my friend, Lynna came to visit and I related the same tale to her.  She said, “B.C. Med would never have sense enough to have a Sensitive on payroll.  It sounds to me like it was a spirit that was looking out for you.”

After that, I gave it much thought and I had to agree.  I guess I didn’t think I was important enough for the Creator to send one of his helpers down to look out for me.  Thank you, Creator.


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