A Prayer From The People

I want to share this prayer with you. I wrote it many years ago for one of our many backyard gatherings.

Creator – Hear me!
With thanksgiving I offer these words
of devotion from your people.

Thank you for family and friends
For work for our hands to accomplish
Thank you for our Ancestors, who are here today
to note the coming together of their people.

Thank you, Creator, for the sun which warms
Mother Earth and our hearts,
Filling us with all good things.
For sleep that arrives on the silent wings of the wind;
For the rivers that come forth from lofty peaks.
For herbs that heal us
For fruit, nuts and grains that nourish us.

Thank you for the fish from the oceans and lakes
And meat from the four leggeds.
Thank you for the memory of the hunt
Where our mighty chiefs once smoked the pipe of peace.

Creator, help us to remain the children of Nature,
Let us be tall and strong
Courageous and timeless in years.
Lend us the patience of the turtle,
Give us the keen vision of the eagle
Riding the thermals a thousand feet above Mother Earth.
Let us beget prophets who are wise in all things.

Instill us with love for our Mother Earth
With her magical dawn
Her evening glow and her dark clouds
that lend contrast to all we behold.

Thank you for the trees, the flowers and the mists that
make them grow.
Thank you for the seed-pods and green vegetables
that thrive in the rains that come for Thunderbird
Who is our totem.

Help us to be humble before YOU Who are the Great Mystery,
And to be true to our ancient faith.

And Creator
When the last fire is extinguished
And the winds cease to give breath to the Earth
Please lead us down the Red Road to the
encampment of our fathers
Across the River of Hope.

Let is be so, Creator, let is be so.

Sol a so!

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