About The Winter Solstice


The moon is full and the bright light reflects off the cold snow-covered ground. The air is crisp, and the night sky is clear and filled with millions of twinkling stars. It is the longest night of the year, and is supposed to be one of the most peaceful. Looking up towards the sky you can almost see the Creator . . . It’s the Winter Solstice, a celebration. It is: the darkness before the dawn the glimmer of renewed Hope can look upon the Winter Solstice as we do upon the dawn.

The days will be longer as Mother Earth travels closer to the sun, turning on her axis to warm the northern hemisphere on her journey through space. The cycle of birth and renewal begins again. Everything lays in silent sleep . . . Winter Solstice is simply a time to revel in the awakening joy of the season, for it is a time to heal, to rest after the daily labors of everyday life, and regenerate for the coming seasons of struggles in the spring and summer. The cycle goes on. Darkness goes to light, cold to warmth, love replaces hate.

It is said that a Tribal Elder was laying near death in his lodge, his skin cracked and wrinkled with age, and his hair, long and gray, no longer braided, but fanned across his hides as he lay waiting for death. He is alone in the cold and winds . . .

As night approaches, he hears a visitor at the entrance of his lodge, seeking shelter from the harsh weather. It is a young woman with smooth skin and long dark hair. She is dressed warmly and enters the elderly man’s lodge . . . she goes to the elderly man, kneeling down beside him. She takes his hand in comfort as the wind howls outside and the rain turns to snow.

The night passes and they do not speak, but their eyes meet. The woman watches as the long night slowly gives way to the dawn, and the elderly man closes his eyes. She holds his hand to the end, then gently releases it; he is gone.

This is what the winter is . . . the time for renewal and the women is now the one to prepare the world for the coming days. Now the awakening slowly takes place as each new day becomes longer and longer. Winter is passing and Spring is slowly coming with each new day.

The changes during winter will slowly be noticed as they reveal themselves in many different ways. Winter Solstice is in full gear, and the celebration is at hand. Dance in the snow, and enjoy the peaceful beauty of a wintry night. Take delight in the winds and feel the rain on your face. The time for renewal is approaching and Women is now the one to prepare the world for the coming days of future . . .

I realize that I’m a bit late with this,but I believe it needed to be written to remind us of who we are and that we are living in the magical time of rebirth.

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