Getting my feet wet

I live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.  On any given day we can look out and see wild animals swimming or flying in our line of vision.  The Georgia Straights is out front with marine traffic happening.  Often we can spot some guy in his small boat pulling up his crab or prawn traps.  The crabs are the lovely dungeness and the large red crabs.  They taste really delicious.  I’m an elder from the Sechelt Indian Band and the young guys that crab fish usually bring me crabs for a  moderate price.  I really appreciate their thoughtfullness.

Last year the porpoise began to return to Porpoise Bay after a hundred years of being absent.  Sometimes there have been schools of them swimming around Sechelt Inlet.  People have reported seeing as many as 200 porpoise at one siting.  Phenomenal!  And towards the end of last summer we had three grey whales that visited Davis Bay for weeks on end.  There were originally two large whales and one baby.  The first day they appeared my daughter and I were returning from Gibsons and we ran into an honest-to-goodness traffic jam as every motorist travelling north or south stopped to view the sight of the whales cavorting out in the sea.  What a sight that was.

I made a run up to our local landfill site yesterday and there was between two and three hundred seagulls walking around the grounds.  They reminded me of herds of sheep.  I kept expecting Little Bo Peep to  come along and lead them home.  The birds are such good barometers.  When they come in off the ocean you know that there is going to be one hell of a wind blowing in off the Pacific Ocean.

I don’t know where the eagles have been since salmon season, but they, too, arrived back at the land fill.  There were some really huge eagles flying around.  Holly Ann counted 17 eagles sitting in one large tree.

As usual I did my “Ho Grandmother!  Please drop me a feather.  If it is your time to cross over then please do it right here beside me.  I promise I will use your feathers, claws, bones and all parts of you in an honorable manner.”  My daughter laughed at me.  I guess it is sort of funny because I have been doing that for probably forty years and not one eagle has seen fit to come and die beside me.  Oh, well.  Can’t blame a woman for trying.
There is beauty all around us.  We are so fortunate to be born on the Sunshine Coast.

I am going to sign-off, but before I do let me say this to you, my new friends.
I have a huge concern for another human being today, please help me to send him good thoughts to help him out of his personal hell.  Thank you

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