Unique Stories from Native Canadians

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Prepare to laugh, cry and yell out-loud at the stories of our capricious heroine as she takes you through the raging salt chuck and along melted Skidoo tracks in the wilds of Canada. Written with the flavor of traditional oral tales, long told by her Salish ancestors, Barbara weaves an intricate basket of ancient lore with modern twists to give us something unique and special.


These are true teaching stories. Meant to share the old ways of human interaction and caring. These are stories where you can smell the red cedar and salty air of the coast, mingling with wit, wisdom, and respect, for the ancestral ways of the Coastal people. From the tall mountains of the Sunshine Coast to deep troughs between surging waves on the Pacific ocean, each story is a chapter of her life told in honor of those who walked the same steps before her, toiled in the same toil.


Now an honored elder herself, xwu’p’a’lich, Barbara Higgins writes to give us a taste of a life spent lived its fullest, rich with wisdom and adventure.